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Adventure trails

Three different level adventure trails are offered all year long with more than twenty-five different modules.


For the practice of the archery, a special ground is arranged near the Village récréatif. This activity is always practiced with a instructor who can teach beginners basics and give new challenges to those who have already shot several arrows. There is also a target on the grounds of the Auberge and at the Chalets-camping.

Cooperative games

In this series of games, campers must not compete but cooperate. Together they face a challenge, a goal. To start with having fun.

Cross-country skiing

Some of the hiking trails are laid out for cross-country skiing. You will discover the winter wonders of the forest and lakes. We lend all the necessary equipment.

Ecological trail

Discover the fauna and flora through the detailed panels of our ecological trail.


Lac des Roches is populated by smallmouth bass and trout. Campers can try to catch it from our specially designed dock. We offer all necessary fishing equipment (rods, wire, hooks …) but the permit is required and the fishermen must comply with the rules in force.

Great game in the woods

The great games take place outdoors in the woods. Two teams compete using the best possible strategies to solve puzzles, overcome challenges and defeat the opposing team. The most popular games: Stat-Go, Spy Hunt and Spot Light.

Hiking and point of view

In summer and winter, campers can enjoy several kilometers of marked trails of all levels of difficulty. The climb to the belvedere leads to a spectacular view.

Hockey / Broomball

We have a beautiful indoor ice rink perfect for playing hockey or broomball. The Base de plein air Bon départ provides all the equipment (skates, gloves, helmets, pucks and hockey sticks …). When ice permitting, we also set up an ice rink on Lac des Feuilles.

Ice fishing

When the ice is thick, it is possible to go on the lac des Feuilles to practice the ice fishing. With the help of brimbales, campers can try their luck and try to catch bass and trout.

Paddle boat

Located near the beach and easily accessible by the ramp for campers staying at the Auberge, the paddle boat activity is a sensation. The lifting platform, which facilitates the launching of paddle boats, is perfect for people with reduced mobility.


The pontoon L’Arc-en-Ciel is undoubtedly the ultimate relaxing experience to admire the lush nature bordering the banks of Lac des Roches. It is accessible to people with reduced mobility.


Rabaskas are canoes of Indian inspiration that can hold about fifteen people. The groups must therefore show team spirit and collaboration to make them sail and discover the Lac des Roches.


Snowshoes on the feet, campers walk without constraints through the snowy landscapes, lakes and hills. They can take the well-defined paths or go on an adventure exploring the undergrowth of the forest surrounding the site.

Survival skills

An activity to learn the basics of survival in the forest in any season. Whether it’s building a shelter, making a fire outside in winter, discover the tips and tricks to survive in the woods or concocting a banic recipe, our animation team adapts the activity according to the needs of each.

Team sports

Badminton, basketball, soccer, omnikin, cross or freesbee can be practiced on our artificial grass sports field.

Torchlight hike

Lit only by torches, participants walk to a specific place where a legend is told.


Our zip line will make you want to jump into the void and run at full speed.



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